High hopes for new school year

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 2013-2014 school year. I am honored and humbled to serve as your Lufkin ISD superintendent as we prepare to educate and uplift the children of our community.

Improving the academic achievement of all students in Lufkin ISD will serve as the primary focus of my work. In order for Lufkin ISD to go from good to great, the same focus must be reflected on the part of all staff and community members.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the encouragement and insight that many of you have provided since my appointment in April. I am energized by the interest, spirit of support and partnerships already extended by those in and throughout the Lufkin community.

The issue of educating and uplifting the children of Lufkin ISD is not a question of resources as it is a question of determination. Yes, we can always benefit from having “more.” However, “more” will not suffice if we don’t have “enough” people who care, love, believe and work fervently to educate and make a difference in the lives of all our students.

As your Lufkin ISD superintendent, I have high expectations for myself, our school board, administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents and community.

A quality education does not come easy. In my commitment to Team LISD, I expect our board of trustees to provide the unified vision required for our district to produce well-rounded citizens.

I expect our campus principals, instructional coaches, department directors and central office staff to provide the leadership necessary to increase student achievement.

I expect our teachers and instructional staff to ensure all students are provided access to a quality education through rigorous yet engaging instruction.

I expect our police, transportation, maintenance, health services and custodial staff to safeguard our students’ basic needs to feel nourished, safe, secure, protected and loved.

I expect our parents to encourage their students to excel and value education.

I expect our community members to join Team LISD as role models and mentors for our young people to emulate.

Lastly, I expect our students to work hard to reach their full potential and to make responsible decisions about the life they want to lead.

Education is a joint venture, and Team LISD is ready for the challenge. I openly challenge each of you to intentionally seek opportunities to make a difference in Lufkin ISD. If we each do our part and not allow failure to be an option or mediocrity to be the standard, we will be a premiere school district where students graduate with more than a diploma: choices and opportunities.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer! Take time to pause, reflect, rekindle, renew and to celebrate life.

We have a great school year ahead of us as we unite with ‘‘One Voice,’’ to allow ‘‘One Vision’’ to drive Team LISD to strengthen the alignment of resources, increase standardization of instructional and business functions, and improve communication and collaboration. I look forward to us all playing a major role in Team LISD.


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