Teachers, staff work for future of our children

On any given weekday, the students at Lufkin ISD are preparing for their future. A future that is molded and sculpted by some of the finest people you will ever meet … members of Team Lufkin ISD. It has been my privilege as superintendent of Lufkin ISD to work among excellence, but I’m also excited that my own children are surrounded by people who love what they do and love children.

We recently hosted a reception for our new teachers to see how their first year at Lufkin ISD was going. These teachers were very complimentary of the support they are receiving from their principals, colleagues and support staff. This does not surprise me. We work among the best in the state and not afraid to say it. Our employees go above and beyond and at the end of the day, students learn above and beyond.

Since my appointment last spring, I have been looking at our teachers’ classrooms, listening to how they inspire students to reach their full potential, and learning about their instructional processes and curriculum resources. What I have seen has enriched and edified me. I have found a team where all teachers and instructional staff are involved in continual personal academic growth that enlightens the lives of our students.

As we plan to grow Team Lufkin ISD, we are seeking quality candidates who more than measure up to what our district wants, needs and should have, not for the sake of earning a paycheck, but for something far more precious — the future of our children. If you possess these qualities and want to be part of Team Lufkin ISD, join us for our upcoming job fair on Tuesday, April 1 at the Lufkin High School cafeteria. We’re not only looking for teachers, we need quality bus drivers and auxiliary employees as well. Come by and meet our principals, directors, staff and see why our employees are known to be the best.


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