September Monthly Message to Team Lufkin ISD

Dear Team Lufkin ISD,

Congratulations, we have completed our first month of school and what a remarkable start we’ve had! I wanted to let every one of you know how proud I am of Team Lufkin ISD and how grateful I am for each of your contributions.

I have enjoyed my campus and classroom visits across the district. I am excited to report that I have witnessed engaging teaching and active learning, clean campuses and a lot of smiling faces. My focus has been on visiting our first year teachers’ classrooms and those who are new to to our district. The staff I have met with are thrilled to be at LISD and are very appreciative of all the support they have received. Keep up the great job of welcoming our newcomers to our team.

At the primary and elementary levels, and intentional focus on literacy is evident. We all know how vital literacy is to all areas of learning. Middle school continues to amaze me with the fact that there are three different schedules without any bells. Of course, our high school is the best preparation for college, which is apparent in all that is offered and the number of students who participate in the arts, band, athletics, and advanced academic courses. Recently, LHS hosted a large group of English teachers from a neighboring district for an entire day to learn from our staff. Word spreads when you’re the best!

To all who have polished, painted, mowed; to all who are preparing meals, driving buses, and patrolling campuses; to all who are educating and supporting our children each day – thank you. May we continue to work toward our mission of educating and equipping all students for success through exceptional learning experiences. We are Team Lufkin ISD!

With Panther pride,


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