Your Full Name: Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney

District Name: Lufkin ISD

How long have you been an educator?  I began my career in education in 1999.

How long have you served as superintendent in your district?

I was named superintendent of Lufkin ISD in March of 2013 and I officially started that summer. Prior to Lufkin ISD, I served as the superintendent of Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD for five years.

What positive changes have you seen in your years as an educator?

We are very fortunate to live in a state that has high standards for all students. In public schools specifically, we educate all students – from special education to gifted and talented – without equitable financial resources.

How are students in your district stronger, both educationally and socially, as they leave high school?

Lufkin ISD students are exposed to rigorous academic programs, competitive extra-curricular opportunities, and a diverse social environment which will prepare them to be successful in any arena upon graduation. Our district is fortunate because of the teachers, leaders, and staff members who have high expectations for all students.

What opportunities do your students have in your school district?

Lufkin ISD offers a wide range of curriculum options including: Advanced Placement, Pre-AP, Dual Credit, Magnet and Dual Language. These options give students a well-rounded education in a diverse setting which prepares them for success in life. After graduation, we have students who demonstrate success in Ivy League universities, state universities, private institutions, community colleges, and the work force.

What will HB5 look like in your district?

Lufkin ISD is excited about the opportunities that HB 5 allows, which includes expanding our college and career ready initiatives. We will be able to offer students options in all 5 pathways proposed by HB 5. Additionally, because of our close proximity to Angelina College and Stephen F. Austin, we are evaluating expanding our partnerships which will give our Lufkin ISD students even more opportunities.

How can parents, community leaders, retired teachers, etc. get involved in your school district?

Perhaps the one thing that makes me the most proud to be Superintendent of Lufkin ISD has been the tremendous outpouring of support from parents, community, and business leaders. At the beginning of the year, we embarked on a strategic planning process that has involved the inclusion of over 100 community participants who actively engaged in writing action plans for the district. Additionally, we started an Education Foundation comprised of business and community leaders. The mission of the Lufkin ISD Education Foundation is to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the quality of education for all students of the Lufkin Independent School District.

We have continued the involvement of the Tri-Ethnic Committee, the Ministers Roundtable and our District Effectiveness and Improvement Council. Moreover, we have added new superintendent advisory committees including the Team Lufkin ISD Student Ambassadors and Nuestras Madres. We also started Panther Community Forums, which are held quarterly, and allow attendees to hear about different initiatives as well as ask representative school board members and administrators questions.

What do you want your mark to be when you leave your school district?

Premiere school district where our teachers are the best paid and our students are the best prepared.



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